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Santu Lussurgiu (503 metres above sea level) is situated in the south-eastern part of the mountain chain called Montiferru, in the province of Oristano.

In its urban and architectural structure it still has one of the best-preserved historical centres on the island.

Important events


Sa Carrela ‘e Nanti – On Carnival’s Sunday, Monday and Tuesday: a reckless horse race galloping through a narrow and winding street in the historical centre of the village.

Cantigos in Carrela –
A week before Carnival, on Saturday. The festival consists in the exhibition of many different traditional chorus along the streets of the historical centre of Santu Lussurgiu in a funny and informal atmosphere.

Sa Chida Santa: the rites of the Holy Week with a suggestive procession accompanied by the traditional choral singing 'a cuncordu'.

Cavallinfiera: Regional Horse Fair and Exhibition in San Leonardo.

21st AUGUST:
Celebrations and ceremonies in honour of the patron saint, St Lussorio.

To check the dates visit: www.comunesantulussurgiu.it]

Places to visit:

Museo della tecnologia Contadina – The recollection of the past and of people from Santu Lussurgiu, what they were and what they did, is collected and showed in the Museum of Farming Technology. It is located in the rooms of the Centro di Cultura Popolare U.N.L.A., in an 18th century ancient noble house in the historical centre of the village.

San Leonardo de siete Fuentes - The hamlet of San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes, 3 km far from the agriturismo, on the road that leads you to Macomer at 689 metres above sea level, lies in a thick wood with spectacular elms, holms and oak trees. Renowned for its water, it is the ideal place to relax. You should not miss the seven springs and the church of San Leonardo in Romano- Pisan style.

Nuraghe Losa: in the area of Abbasanta , about 15 km from the agriturismo, it is one of the most important and best- preserved nuraghic monuments. At about 304 metres above sea level, on a basalt plateau, this nuraghe is visible going through the S.S. 131 Cagliari- Sassari near the exit for Nuoro- Olbia (S.S. 131 bis). All around the countryside there are also the ruins of a burial monument called 'tomb of the giants'.

Pozzo Sacro di Santa Cristina: The sacred well of Saint Cristina, of great archaeological interest, is located on the plateau of Abbasanta and easy to find going through the S.S. 131 towards the village of Paulilatino, 12 km from the agriturismo.

Sea and beaches:
The agriturismo is 35 km far from the uncontaminated beaches of the Sinis area. They are characterized by an enormous environmental interest. In San Giovanni di Sinis, near Cabras, the ruins of the famous town of Tharros (initially nuraghic and then Carthaginian) lie. Going northwards we meet the quartziferous sandy beaches of considerable beauty (Is Arutas and Mari Ermi), and we get to the uncontaminated peninsula of Capo Mannu. Then we get to the beautiful beaches of Is Arenas where, in the near pine-wood, there is one of the most beautiful golf course in Europe. The fascinating arch of S'Archittu and the hamlet of Santa Caterina. Not far from the agriturismo, the beautiful historical town of Bosa. Here you can go through one of the most spectacular roads in Sardinia and then, easily get to Alghero.

Craftsmanship and typical products:
In Santu Lussurgiu you can find, still alive nowadays, the sign of tradition in different workshops: artisans of iron, knives, leather and wood. In the dynamic workshops of expert craftsmen , it is possible to admire, even today, unique objects, furnishing and tools. The high degree of specialization, the care in selecting the materials and the attention for the decorative aspects, are at the base of these incomparable objects designed by the local artisans. [for further information about the typical products of Santu Lussurgiu visit: www.santulussurgiuproduce.it]

Panorama di Santu lussurgiu
view of Santu Lussurgiu [Lente ingrandimento]
  Scorcio Centro Storico Santu Lussurgiu
Bovedas inthe storic centre [Lente ingrandimento]
  Scorcio Centro Storico Santu Lussurgiu
storic centre[Lente ingrandimento]

Sa Carrela 'e Nanti - Santu Lussurgiu
Sa Carrela 'e nanti [Lente ingrandimento]
Sa Carrela 'e Nanti - Santu Lussurgiu
Sa Carrela 'e nanti [Lente ingrandimento]
Sa Carrela 'e Nanti - Santu Lussurgiu
Sa Carrela 'e nanti [Lente ingrandimento]

Sa Carrela 'e Nanti - Santu Lussurgiu
Sa Carrela 'e nanti [Lente ingrandimento]
Cantigos in Carrela - Santu Lussurgiu
Cantigos in Carrela [Lente ingrandimento]
Cavallinfiera - San Leonardo
Cavallinfiera [Lente ingrandimento]

Museo Tecnologia Contadina - Santu Lussurgiu
Museo Tecnologia Contadina [Lente ingrandimento]
Chiesa di San Leonardo - Santu Lussurgiu
Chiesa di San Leonardo [Lente ingrandimento]
Nuraghe Losa - Santu Lussurgiu
Nuraghe Losa [Lente ingrandimento]

Arco di S'Archittu - Santu Lussurgiu
Arco di S'Archittu [Lente ingrandimento]
Coltello tipico Lussurgese- Santu Lussurgiu
Tipical knives of Santu Lussurgiu [Lente ingrandimento]
Formaggio Casizolu- Santu Lussurgiu
Cheese Casizolu [Lente ingrandimento]

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